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Essay: Pedagogy in the Age of Web 2.0

Quick Reflection

This was a topic that turned out to be much bigger than I originally thought. The more research I did, the more I realized just how much power and scope I was grappling with. The word cloud, based on the essay, is linked to a pdf version of it:

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Three 300 Word Thought Papers

From the UBC course, ETEC 512 – Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction (core)

Because I was able to critically evaluate and draw logical, clear, objective, and well supported conclusions about learning theories and relevant literatures, my writing received some unexpected (and welcome) recognition from Dr. Jennifer Shapka.

Audio Feedback on Paper 2

Feedback from Jennifer Shapka, Ph.D.

Thought Paper 1

Classroom Management – Mechanics of Learning

Thought Paper 2

Empowering Teachers with Neuroscience?

Thought Paper 3

Truth, Knowledge, and Constructivism

Tap or click to read, from the course content Thought Paper Assignment page, about the strict grading policy :

There are a total of 3 Thought Papers that you will need to complete during the course, each worth 5% of your mark. Although the Thought Papers are based on the readings, they cannot be answered directly from them. That is, you cannot simply summarize the readings to answer the question. Rather these questions are designed to provoke deeper understanding about the readings and should be viewed as an opportunity to delve further into an issue. As such, this assignment is evaluated quite rigorously in terms of content. Top papers will be clear and thought-provoking, with well-supported arguments. They will also be well-written and free of any spelling or grammatical errors.

Please do not be discouraged by low marks on your initial Thought Papers; rather, use the instructor’s feedback to develop stronger responses. The Thought Papers are to be 300 words, or the equivalent of 1-page double-spaced, which will be strictly enforced. At times it will seem difficult to fit all you have to say about the topic into 300 words; however, as graduate students, the ability to write clearly and concisely is an important skill to develop. The Thought Papers will be evaluated based on clarity and the degree of insight and thought that is evident. Given that summarizing the reading is worth no points, do not waste any of your 300 words summarizing!

Source: ETEC512 Course Content Page on Thought Paper Assignments


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Essay: From Objectivism to Constructivism

From the UBC course, ETEC 530 – Constructivist Strategies for E-Learning

Assignment Information, Reflection, and Professor's Comments

Assignment Information

This first major assignment was worth 40 percent, which is, in my opinion, a bit steep.  However, the instructions directed us to focus on an issue or area of personal interest in our teaching/learning or practice experience, which made the whole thing somewhat more palatable. Given that it is a course about constructivism in E-learning, we were to draw on existing literature that deals with it, as well as related topics, such as situated learning, basic principles of constructivist instructions, etc.


Because my UBC MET journey had been so transformative (from the very first week) and had quickly made a significant influence on my professional practice, this essay was an enjoyable write. According to my professor, Dr. Janes,, it was also an enjoyable read.

It recounts my transformative journey in the UBC master’s program and how it immediately had a positive impact on a new course that I had recently developed for my department. I had just finished developing the course in late 2012, but the Master of Educational Technology program at UBC began in early January of 2103. Within a very short time, my MET courses had made me painfully aware that much of the material that I ha developed was doomed to failure and that, if I wanted the new course to succeed, I would have to make some drastic changes. If only I had started work on my MET degree about 10 years earlier!

Professor’s Comments

“Solid job Gary…a very good overview of the issues between constructivist learning and blended multimedia writing as described…clear, concise and easy to read…good use of sources and solid use of APA (actually quite rare so good job)… I wanted a more critical approach in your discussion and you did that, with your own thinking mixed throughout, which improved the final work! Overall an enjoyable piece…39/40”

Diane P. Janes, Ph.D.

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